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    In 2012 the founder of Goingtoplaces.com Geoffrey Dening opened Beds in Robe, hosting people working and holidaying in Australia. To find local services, places to go and things to do in the area, no cohesive, information service was available.
  Building a solution began, in 2016 the first app was published. Three years of data shows;  30% use apps 5 minutes or more 30% of users in apps 1-2 minutes Local residents use apps regularly for information  16% looking at Sights, 9% Restaurants, 8% Adventure, 7% Galleries, 7% History. 53% view Accommodation, Sport (Golf, Football, Bowls) and Events. 16% view the direct app messages to their phones 

VIDEO How to use the app https://youtu.be/KIdglTK0BA4


100% Australian Customer Service

  Geoffrey completed the Limestone Coast New Venture Institute/Flinders University Accelerator in July 2018.  The Award winning ecosystem developed since 2016 was selected as one of 12 Finalists in 2020's Australian Small Business Champion Awards - Information Technology Attracting international attention, Austrade selected Goingtoplaces.com to present their ecosystem in December 2018 at the ASEAN Tech Challenge. Invited to enter the Taiwan Tourism Innovation Awards in 2019. Goingtoplaces.com’s, presentation won through to the 2nd round of 45, from 300 plus international submissions. 


2020 subscriptions

  Since 2016 my Regional Tourism Apps have established a proven global platform for;New Customers – Travelers and ResidentsExisting Customers – continued use after downloadData – destinations, retail, accommodation, events, activities Direct Advertisingdelivering value for locations and businesses – Mobile is the increasing marketGrowth – above existing Tourism information servicesAugmentation – Central platform for customer services. For 2020 we have available a package for all subscription needs. contact@goingtoplaces.com.au


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